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  IT Link International is a leading onshore solutions provider to Fortune 1000 companies.
IT Link International is a leading onshore solutions provider to Fortune 1000 companies. We are among the first U.S. companies to combine India's talent and cost effectiveness with quality systems to produce world class results. We incorporated ourselves in U.S.A in 1987 and made our first investment of $2.2 million in India in 1988 / 89. We had a total turnover of $64.0 million during the first decade of our operation (1990-1999). We stayed afloat during technology down turn of 2000-2004. Competition now is much fierce compared to the hay days of late 90s. But our dedication to our clients and cost effective quality solutions have served us well and is now providing us a steady growth.
We started IT project work towards end of 1998, unfortunately just before the beginning of dot com bubble burst. We have survived through the IT slump due to our quality services and quality results on timely basis to our customers. Slower growth in the beginning allowed us to create a strong fundamental structure and methodologies to produce and provide excellent performance to our clients. We developed and implemented our Associate Program in which a percentage of revenues of an employee�s work goes to him/her. Total fairness between us and our employees in this program is ensured by implementing complete transparency between our company and our associate employee by proper assessment, accounting and sharing of such information with our employees.
Quality, cost effective and on time results at a competitive cost is our simple and proven formula for our success. We strive for fairness between all the constituencies of our business. These constituencies, our customers / clients, vendors and our associate employees, who are highly skilled IT professionals, are the three legs of our business. Our business can not succeed unless all of them are equally strong. We work hard to fulfill the goals of all of our constituencies while fulfilling the goals of our organization.
IT Link has its offices and operations located in Rochester , Michigan , U.S.A and Hyderabad , India . Currently, IT Link offers its customers world-class information technology and business process services, including project management, application development and maintenance, product support, independent testing, quality assurance, Software Re-engineering, Content management and Transaction processing.
IT Link has built an impressive track record supporting customers in various verticals including health care, insurance, manufacturing, and e-commerce and in Technical areas like Client Server applications, Mobile computing, Data Warehousing, and Mainframes. IT Link's experienced, expert team manages the entire application life-cycle, including definition, prototype, design, development, testing, quality assurance, and deployment and maintenance.
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