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  IT Link International is a leading onshore solutions provider to Fortune 1000 companies.
Top line growth, reducing operational cost, increasing customer satisfaction and effective use of information for competitive differentiation are the top business priorities for companies today. It is thus no surprise that the company's focus is surely shifting from techno-centric IT to Business-centric IT. To facilitate this journey, IT Link brings together key IT consulting services that address aspects of reducing cost, increasing agility and enabling transformation. Our consulting offerings are based on an analytical approach to understand the business problems, resulting in practical recommendation and actionable plans.
These services are provided across all technical skill sets. We have been able to service our customers' requirements nationwide through access to a very large talent pool of our employees and the resources available to us from our Peer Associate Companies.
We offer the following consulting options:
  • Manage the entire project with a very professional and highly experienced team
  • Manage part of projects which clients would like to obtain expertise on
  • Manage projects on-site at client's office by deploying our professional team of skilled and knowledgeable consultants.
Recruiting Top Talent
Associate program
Mature Processes
Technologies and Knowledge Areas
  • Recruiting Top Talent

    IT Link's HR and Recruitment departments understand the technologies, applications and have the required expertise and ability to project and assess upcoming requirements.

    As is required by changes in technology, our Recruiters undergo continuous training in IT areas and resourcing methodologies. They are also members of recruiting SITL (Special Industry Group) where they share and learn industry best practices.
  • Associate program

    We offer a unique program to our employees called Associate Program, in which an employee receives an agreed upon and guaranteed percent of revenue generated by him/her. This is accomplished through a complete transparency with an Associate through sharing all the documents, calculation and information related to revenue generation by him/her as well as providing a monthly detailed statement of the same. As Associate can ask and receive copies of any of the related documents, calculation and information whenever he desires and can examine the originals at the company's corporate office.

    Following are the additional benefits of this Program to an Associate.

    1. No Wastage of time or energy on part of an Associate to speculate whether he is being paid fair share of revenue generated by him/her.
    2. No need of wasting energy for compensation negotiations between an Associate and ITL. (This saved time and energy can be used to focus on client's project/work, producing better results. Better results on a client's project will help enhance your career and value).
    3. An Associate's earnings in this program will increase at higher rate than otherwise because of the following two factors:

      • ITL revenue for an Associate's work will increase with him accumulating more experience.
      • Member Consultant will also get higher percentage of ITL's revenue for his work as he will progress to higher level in ITL Associate Program
    4. For H-1B holders, there is no scope of exploitation during immigration (Green Card) processing period of 2 to 4 years as your share percentage is pre-determined and guaranteed throughout your employment with ITL.
    5. With total transparency and openness, ITL Associate Program and its member associates enjoy a long term, fair and hassle free relationship.

    A majority of our employees work through this program. This honest, transparent and close relationship with our employees has in turn vastly benefited our employees. As a result of being very satisfied and pleased with this Program, our Associates have referred and have brought many more qualified IT consultants to us.

    If you are a potential employee and wish to know more about our Associate Program, please fill in this form here. We will send you detailed information upon receiving this request.

  • Mature Processes

    We qualify our employees through strict adherence to the traditional and time-tested process of multi-point contact, in-person interviews, tech and reference checks. Our recruiters develop a strong understanding of a potential employee's skills, preferences, strengths, weaknesses and keep in mind their career goals. We value our relationship with our employee consultants as much as we value that with our clients, and strive to ensure longevity of the same.

    We have developed best practices, methodologies, and information systems that help us better manage our relationships with our employees and clients during and after our engagement with our clients. Our recruitment process, our Associate Program and employee benefits package allow us to recruit and retain the best and brightest consultants.
  • Reliability

    Our methodologies were developed so that the client needs are met before, during and after each engagement. We have developed methodologies, techniques to apply the right resources for our clients' projects. Repeat orders from our clients, bears testimony to quality and dependability of our services and abilities. We see to it that our employees are paired with the right clients based on their skills and interests. This provides our employees enhanced satisfaction, opportunity to enhance their skills and a very fulfilling experience.
  • Technologies and Knowledge Areas

    We provide IT Consulting to our clients across a breadth of technologies and knowledge areas. Some of these are listed below:

    • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Insurance
    • Banking
    • Education
    • Research
    • Auto Industry
    • Telecom

    • Web Technologies
    • Client - Server
    • Database Administration
    • Mainframe
    • Data Warehousing
    • Mobile Computing

    • Project Management
    • Functional Analysis EIP
    • Technical Architecture
    • Quality Assurance
    • Software Configuration Management

    • EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)
    • EIP (Enterprise Information Portals) and Interactive Website Development, Design and Implementation
    • Network/Desktop Support
    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Business Continuity Planning
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